Elwell Garden Tools

Elwell has an interesting history that dates back in the early 19th century. Edward Elwell, the founder of the brand, used to create edge tools during this time. He would lease Wednesbury Forge in 1817. Later on, he decided to purchase it.

The business was flourishing until 1902. During this year, Edward’s grandson, Alfred Elwell, took over the company. It was converted into a private limited company in 1902, right after Edward’s death. In the 1930s, Edward Elwell Limited, along with the Chillington Tool Company of Wolverhampton merged. The combination brought about a holding company named Edge Tool Industries Limited.

Back in the American Civil War, Elwell sold numerous edge tools in the US. The company saw the opportunity to grow and it truly benefited from the war. It allowed Elwell to export products to different countries all over the globe.

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Elwell Burr Hoe Head - 100mm / 4"


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Elwell Chipping Hoe Head - 180mm / 7"


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