Anyone who wears boots will require cleaning products to care for their footwear. Badger offers some of the best selections in boot protection and cleaning for farmers, construction workers, and the like.

Here at The Grit, you will find Badger’s top-selling product, the Work Boot Cleaning Brush. This brush is exactly what you need to make sure you do not drag mud to your house, workshop, or construction site. It is excellent for those who work at farms where it can be very muddy, especially during the wet season.

The brush is also ideal for those who need to keep their working boots clean while working on a building project. All Badger brushes are designed with sturdy construction and bristles that have been UV stabilised. The Work Boot Cleaning Brush has a unique style, allowing the user to bolt it down.

Other products from the company include paintbrushes with a soft grip handle, scavenger brooms available in different sizes, and concrete finishing brooms.

Badger Work Boot Cleaning Brush


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