Vet-Tec Veterinary Supplies

Buying veterinary supplies does not have to be complicated. Let The Grit guide you to choosing the products you need. We have Vet-Tec, which is a brand that you can depend on. Whether you need hand shears, bandages, saw wires, or Luer lock needles, you can find everything you need here. We also have fluid tube feeders and plastic weaners suitable for calves.

Vet-Tec has been around for several years now, providing supplies for veterinarians and farmers. All products meet strict Australian guidelines. However, they are more affordable than other brands in the market.

As with anything else, you should always be careful when buying veterinary supplies. For instance, purchasing hand shears that may not be right for the animal can only cause problems. The Vet-Tec hand shears are designed with hardened blades that can last for a long time even with repeated use.

For those who need Luer lock needles, Vet-Tec has a variety of sizes for vets and farmers. All needles are compatible with the syringes, so you do not have to worry about the fit. Check out the comprehensive collection of Vet-Tec products below.