Body Hammers & Dollies

When you need to do maintenance work on your car, among the must-have items that you should have ready in your toolbox are body hammers and dollies. Hammers are a widely known tool used for various tasks, including automotive body repair. When searching for the right hammer to buy, we highly recommend that you pick one that is comfortable with easy grip features. Some may provide you with textured handles. They are not a requirement, but they help when you have to work for a more extended period.

Handling ease is essential when repairing a vehicle issue because you will most likely use the hammer for an hour or so. And speaking of working on your car for an extended period, you should also choose tools that provide lasting service life. The durability of the body hammer and dolly is significant. Select a hammer with a hardwood handle, such as hickory, because they are lightweight yet sturdy.

Hammers and dollies can be used for pounding automotive sheet metal before starting with the finishing process. You may need a tool designed for use on both flat and curved surfaces. No matter what you need, you can trust that The Grit has what you are looking for.