ProAm is a brand by KC Tools, which is one of the prominent companies in Australia today. As with other KC Tools in the market, ProAm is designed to be easy to use and durable. All tools are engineered to be superior in quality and performance.

One of the things that make ProAm stand out is the affordability of tools. You will find all sorts of options you can imagine, including toolkits, toolboxes, and many general tools.

When it comes to selecting a tool for your DIY project or even a professional one, you should only choose ergonomically-designed products.

With KC Tools’ experience in the industry, it is easy for the company to provide different sets of tools for a variety of tasks. ProAm is the answer to those who are searching for economic alternatives to big brand name products.

Here at The Grit, we offer numerous ProAm products, including adjustable wrenches, ratchet gear spanner sets, and pliers. ProAm has built a reputation for creating products that are convenient to use. They also have longer lifespans than their counterparts.

ProAm by KC Tools 100pc Hardware Set


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ProAm by KC Tools 10pc Hook Set


$11.95 SAVE$0.00