Choker Chains

Choker chains are common tools in dog training. They are made of a type of metal, such as heavy duty nickel. The choke collar is easily recognisable because it looks like a silver chain. Don't confuse the choke collar with the pinch collar, though. The choke collar that you can buy here on The Grit does not come with prongs that can pinch in the skin of your dog.

The choke collar acts like a pinch collar, and it is most likely why a lot of people think these two are the same. How it works depends on the amount of tension that you or the animal puts into the leash. When using the choke collar, it will pull tightly if the dog tries to pull away. Think of it as a rope looped around the neck of the dog. If you or the animal pulls the leash, the collar will choke the dog.

Choker chains are so popular amongst dog trainers and pet owners. They help in disciplining unruly dogs quickly. If you are searching for one, purchase your choker chain here on the website.

AgBoss Choker Chain 4.0mm x 55cm


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