You might think that all collars are the same, but it's not true. A good dog collar is safe and comfortable for your pet to wear. It should be properly sized, which means that you should be careful in measuring the neck of your pup. The collar you select for your pet should also be appropriate for its lifestyle. So, if you care for your pet, you should only choose a good quality collar, which you can find here on The Grit.

Before you look for a dog collar, you should first know your dog's neck size. It's inhumane to fit your dog with any collar, regardless of the size. Imagine wearing a necklace that keeps choking you – that's surely something you don't want.

The wrong collar size will not give you a good result when training your dog. You can use a tape measure to know your dog's neck size and make sure to add about three centimetres for ultimate comfort.