Battery Chargers

The humble automotive battery charger has changed dramatically over the years - from being a bulky item with a limited capacity to becoming an intelligent product with additional features, such as LED display, with a high to a low setting, and booster. You can find battery chargers here on The Grit, which you can simply plug in and let it do its work.

We currently carry Arlec battery chargers with six and 12 outputs and 2.5amp continuous charging. These devices are suitable for your small automotive lead-acid batteries, which you can charge overnight.

Car batteries take a long time for them to lose their charge. However, it is an eventual reality due to weather, age, or other reasons. You need a battery charger so that you can get your car started and get back on the road. No one wants to have a dead battery. Even though getting assistance is quicker these days, it is still a frustrating experience.

Because our car batteries are portable, they can help keep the car fully functional. That way, you never have to deal with a dead battery or look for someone with jumper cables. Buy your battery charger today.