Screwdrivers, hedge trimmers, and many other cordless tools now use Lithium-ion batteries. Other types of batteries that are also commonly used are nickel-cadmium and NiMH batteries. When you are searching for the charger for your power tool, the first thing that you should know is the battery that your power tool uses. Look at the battery and find its voltage and capacity. The voltage comes in volts, such as 12 or 14.4 volts. Meanwhile, the capacity is in Ah rating, such as 3Ah.

The brand of the power tool typically has a charger that you can purchase, which makes your search much more straightforward. However, suppose you want a cheaper alternative without the branding. In that case, you should make sure it is compatible with the battery terminals. The charger should also have the proper output voltage and current. Some chargers come with extra features, such as the charge time and battery indicator.

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