Monza 4L Water Pump Accumulator Pressure Tank | 4VT


Monza 4L Water Pump Accumulator Pressure Tank | 4VT




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  • Reduces unwanted cycling
  • Reduces pulsation
  • Reduces pressure spikes
  • Increases pump lifespan
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High quality enamel
  • Brass valve
  • Replaceable liner


1 Year Warranty

Model # 4VT
Brand Monza
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Liner Material EPDM
Type Bladder Pressure Tank
Liquid Temperature Range 0°C - 99°C
Maximum Working Pressure 8 bar
Capacity 4 L
Outlet Size 1"
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Material Cast Iron
Inlet Size 1"
Colour Blue

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Great product

This is the 3rd one of these tanks I have purchased and I am very happy with the product, perfect size for the camper van fit outs. Highly recommended
James on March 21, 2024

Get a Pressure Tank

After installing this unit (which was extremely easy) on my rainwater setup I noticed my pump ran considerably less and only switches on as requires. I didn't need to adjust the tank's pressure at all and was surprised how much pressure it delivered prior to the pump switching on. Strangely it had also fixed a problem I was having with a running toilet due to low-pressure flowing through the cistern which wasn't raising the float properly. Overall apart from having to mount the unit (used storm water brackets) I am very pleased with my purchase.
Milton on March 28, 2019