Thunderbird 50m Poultry Netting w/ S-30B 3km Electric Fence Energiser

The Complete Package


Thunderbird 50m Poultry Netting w/ S-30B 3km Electric Fence Energiser

The Complete Package


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If you are looking for a top-quality poultry netting and electric fence energiser, Thunderbird has the answer for you. It has everything you need in one package, including a solar energiser, electric netting, and earth stake.

With this kit, you can set up the electric fence in your farm in just 10 minutes. It works well for different types of fowl, such as hens, turkeys, and geese. Installation is pretty straightforward. Just hook on the energiser that comes with the kit to the fence, and it is good to go.

The solar energiser is an all-new variety and has the capacity to run one net. It is also fully portable, which makes it easy to carry and move it around the area to get a good location for capturing sunlight. Instead of relying on electricity, you can use solar energy. It reduces your bills and even wasted power, which you can use for your home, for instance.

The energiser also comes with an inbuilt battery that you can recharge so that you can reuse the system anytime you need it. The product comes with a carry handle, along with a mains AC charger that now has an improved look. It is covered to protect it from rain and other possible damage. The O-ring enclosure keeps the product sealed and safe for excellent weather protection.

The whole setup makes it a good option for those who continuously have to deal with poor environmental conditions. If your farm suffers from low or high and fluctuating power levels, this electric fence netting is for you. You can switch to low power whenever you need to conserve battery.

Thunderbird offers this product with a magnetic switch, which eliminates the need for the users to create holes through the case.

This kit gives lasting protection for your farm and garden, whether from foxes, goannas, dogs, or any other intruder.

Thunderbird's ultimate value pack!

Set up in a few short minutes, this is the easiest way to contain chickens, sheep, and geese.


  • Energiser mountable to steel posts (fully portable)
  • Energiser, earth stake, 50m roll of poultry net included
  • Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.
  • Magnetic switch (no holes in case)
  • In-built battery (A.C. mains charger included)
  • System automatically adjusts in accordance with the solar collection

In the Package

  • 1 x Thunderbird S-30B solar energiser
  • 1 x Thunderbird 50m roll of poultry netting
  • 1 x Thunderbird earth stake


2 Year Warranty

Model # SolarKit1
Brand Thunderbird
Shipping Weight 16.0000kg
Type Poultry Netting Kit
Poultry Netting Height 106cm
Poultry Netting Length 50 Meters
Energiser Solar Panel 5 Watt
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty on Energiser and 6 Month Lightning Strike Warranty on Energiser
Energiser Output At 1000 Ohms 3.3Kv
Poultry Netting Colour Orange
Made in Australia
Energiser Voltage No Load 7.2Kv
Energiser Range 3km

REVIEWS 45 Stars out of 1 Reviews.

Poultry netting

This netting is great works great with our hens.
Megan on October 05, 2021