Thunderbird Thunderbraid 400M + 150M Bonus | EF-47AB


Thunderbird Thunderbraid 400M + 150M Bonus | EF-47AB

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When looking for poly wire, you need a reliable product that offers superior conductivity. It should also be UV-stabilised to ensure that the cables can withstand the scorching sun. Thunderbird’s Thunderbraid is the only poly wire you need for your fence. It is guaranteed to hold voltage and offers robustness unlike any other.

Thunderbraid is just one of the poly wire varieties from Thunderbird. You can select from three different colours: white, blue, and yellow. The wires can hold 8,000 volts at the start of the fence, 6,270 volts at 500 metres, and 5,800 volts at one kilometre.

Thunderbraid uses tinned copper wire and stainless steel as the combination of conductors. With these two materials, the product provides better strength and conductivity. You can be sure that you will get the most out of the poly wire’s power transfer. Plus, it has a longer life compared to similar items on the market.

Thunderbird is a name synonymous to excellence. The poly wire is a premium product from this Australian company. It is ideal for short to medium distances and temporary fences. With the right poly wire, you can make sure the animals stay where they are. These wires are best for areas that often rain because of its rust-resistance.

Here at The Grit, you get a total of a 550-metre roll of the Thunderbraid poly wire.


  • Superior conductivity
  • 400m + 150m + free bonus roll
  • UV-stabilised
  • Robust

Volts at the start of fence 8000 volts , 500 mt - 6270 volts, 1 km - 5800 volts

Model # EF-47AB
UPC 9323833004610
Brand Thunderbird
Shipping Weight 3.6000kg
Roll Length 400m + 150m
Colour White / Yellow / Black
Made in Australia
Diameter 3.5 mm

REVIEWS 55 Stars out of 1 Reviews.

Electric fence wire

Top quality wire.
Clinton S on January 23, 2024