AgBoss Shepherds Dog Whistle


AgBoss Shepherds Dog Whistle


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  • Full stainless steel design
  • Premium grade for accurate notes
  • Lanyard eyelet hole

Model # 501168
UPC 9328296003323
Brand AgBoss
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Shepherds dog whistle

This is great very easy to use and very loud.
Craig S on July 03, 2024

Farm hand

Very quickly and responsive and it’s actually better than I thought it would be
Mathew C on January 09, 2024


Excellent. Works well
Geof on November 17, 2023

Dog Whistle

I recently purchased this whistle. It is excellent. My female Labrador dog responded very quickly as to what I wanted her to do, using the whistle instructions given to her. I am very pleased with it....Geof
Geof J on November 07, 2023

Shepherds Dog Whistle

Arrived very quickly, product does exactly as it supposed to do. No trouble learning to use the whistle.
J on October 18, 2023


Good whistle. Dog can hear it from a long distance. Comes to me straight away, sometimes. ..
Dave on October 12, 2023

Shepards whistle

Works as should, delivered on time
Matt on January 01, 2023

Sheepdog whistle

Cheap, no frills, a little sharp on the inner mouth but not major Functional Good value for money
Daniel on October 08, 2022

Shepherd's Whistle

This is identical to one I owned as a child, I just need a bit of practice and I have it working like a champion, Great value very cheap and good quality
Gary on June 23, 2022

AgBoss Shepherds dog whistle

Product exactly as described and works a treat after a bit of practice. Perhaps a plastic whistle would allow more flexibility (change pitch). But this whistle will last and never rust.
John J on March 06, 2022

Great product

Takes a while to learn how to use it but once you get going , great fun for all and dog seems to like it too.
Kris S on October 12, 2021

Shepard’s whistle

Great little product have used Shepard whistles since the 60’s all my children use them as well as the grandkids
Richard H on September 08, 2021

Simple and effective

I had one of these growing up in NZ on the farm. Perfect for working dogs in suburban areas too and can be worn with a thin leather strap around neck too. Tricky to learn, but easy once mastered.
Steve on August 22, 2021

Dog whistle bought for training kelpie pup

I purchased the whistle for my husband to help in training our kelpie pup. Hank responds immediately to the sound of the whistle. It is a very useful tool to distract him when he’s being a bit naughty. We are getting some sheep soon so I’m sure it will be very useful then. My husband needs a little extra training himself with using the whistle. Luckily there is lots of instructional information on google.
Katie W on January 26, 2021

Ag Boss Shepherds Dog Whistle

Well priced product That works very well Dogs respond well over a long and also short distance and adapt to a different tone quickly Recommend to any one teaching a dog commands by whistle and who can’t whistle loud
Keith on September 01, 2020

Dog whistle

David B on September 16, 2019