The CIVIVI Vision FG Series: A Review

Date Posted: 23 January 2024 

Explore the CIVIVI Vision FG and WE Knife Vision R knives by Snecx Tan, featuring the Superlock mechanism.

CIVIVI Vision FG Superlock Folding Knife | Ivory / DamascusThe CIVIVI Vision FG represents the junior counterpart to the Vision R, the more upscale model released by WE Knife. Both knives, designed by Snecx Tan, are notable for their inclusion of the Superlock, Snecx's rendition of the crossbar lock. We firmly believe this is the finest knife ever produced by CIVIVI, and we absolutely love it. We have a strong conviction that you too would cherish this knife.

The Vision FG is truly a standout in its class, boasting superior quality with its CPM-20CV blade steel and 6AL4V titanium handle scales, elevating it to a premium status. Enhancements like the side pocket clip, Superlock lock mechanism, stepped grind, and flamed handle finish only add to its high-end appeal.

At the heart of its design is the locking mechanism, a robust spring-loaded steel bar that securely locks the blade both when opened and closed, offering unmatched locking strength. Opening the blade is a breeze—just push the front of the bar back and flick your wrist. Releasing the blade is just as straightforward; simply disengage it from the lock bar.

While the Superlock competes well in functionality with crossbar-style lock mechanisms, its exposed nature suggests that batoning with the Vision FG might not be advisable.CIVIVI Vision FG Superlock Folding Knife | Jade / Satin

Opening the knife can also be done via the thumb hole, but many will find it infinitely more convenient and satisfying to use the lock bar mechanism.

The blade itself, a bead-blasted, reverse tanto CPM-20CV, excels in cutting, stabbing, and slicing, benefitting from the superior qualities of 20CV steel—remarkable corrosion and abrasion resistance, along with impressive edge retention.

Although the increased hardness of 20CV steel makes it a challenge to sharpen, the rarity of this necessity coupled with the relatively short time required to achieve a factory-fresh edge makes it a worthwhile endeavour.CIVIVI Vision FG in Black

The Vision FG features a side pocket clip, ensuring that the knife aligns perfectly against the seam of your pocket, rendering it almost imperceptible as it tucks deeply beside your hip or butt cheek. To retrieve it, simply push up from the bottom of the clip—a necessary manoeuvre given its deep positioning.

Folding knives like the Vision FG are at the top of the line. They excel due to their high-quality materials, advanced features, and incredibly durable construction, making them stand out as exceptional everyday carry tools.

WE Knife Vision R - WE21031-3Certainly, the Vision FG comes with a higher price tag compared to other CIVIVI knives we've tested. However, its pricing is in line with Zero Tolerance knives using 20CV steel, and this isn't necessarily a drawback. Sometimes, to establish yourself as a formidable contender, you have to push boundaries, set a higher price, and see how the market responds.

In the case of the Vision FG, CIVIVI has demonstrated its capability to compete with industry giants. This knife has garnered a devoted following on the internet, and consensus suggests that it's a worthwhile investment of both your money and time and we share this sentiment.


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