Fallkniven C10 Ceramic Knife Sharpening Steel


Fallkniven C10 Ceramic Knife Sharpening Steel




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The Fallkniven C10 is an excellent all-purpose steel to maintain a long-term edge. Ideal for all types of blade steels - German, Japanese, special or powdered steels, etc. We have tested it carefully and found that it brings a tremendously good edge, especially on high quality chef’s knives. The C10 features a rubberised core and tip, giving it excellent anti-break and shock-absorbing qualities – should you drop it to the floor from a kitchen table, it will most likely not break! Still, the ceramic surface hardness is as high as 9 on the Mohs scale, only the diamond reach 10.

NEW model for Feb 2019 - includes part smooth and part micro-grooved sections on the rod surface. The micro-grooved section is slightly more aggressive than the smooth section, in terms of sharpening, giving you two options from the one rod. Together with the D12 diamond sharpening steel (more abrasive and for less frequent use), this is by far the best solution to offer to quality-minded users, professionals or enthusiastic home sharpeners, to maintain a quality long-term edge.


10 Year Warranty

Model # C10
UPC 7340101503141
Brand Fallkniven
Shipping Weight 0.3400kg
Made In Sweden
Shaft Length 270 mm
Overall Length 410 mm
Manufacturer Warranty 10 Year Warranty

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My knife is sharp now so a decent product
Toby W on April 16, 2021

C10 ceramic sharpening steel

Great product
Trevor P on January 04, 2021

High Quality

very well made product, works great with the two different sharpening types.Recommended.
dave g on June 10, 2020

A Necessity for Quality Knives

I recently purchased a set of high quality kitchen knives with a Rockwell hardness rating of 64. The usual sharpening procedure for sharpening this style of knife is the use of the Japanese style Whetstones for which I have a collection of different grades, but to maintain the sharpness obtained using whetstones you need to touch up your knife on a steel to maintain the edge. The problem here is that with the high quality high hardness steel used in the knives manufacture the normal steel is not hard enough to do the job. Checking on a few websites around the world I found that they recommended the use of a Ceramic Sharpening Steel for knives of a high Rockwell hardness rating above 61. Looking for a Australian Supplier led me to Amber Direct who were agents for the Fallkniven C10 Ceramic Sharpening Steel and coming from a highly recognised European Manufacturer I decided to give one a try. The unit is a round style of steel which has two smooth surfaces and two fluted surfaces at 180 degrees to each other. The fluted surfaces are used for the initial smoothing with the smooth surfaces for the finishing process. The rubberised handle feels very comfortable in the hand with a with a moulded loop at its top which enables you to hang the unit in a convenient location for easy access. The unit worked like a dream keeping my knife collection to a razor edge style of sharpness, in the three weeks I have used it I have not had to resort to using my whetstones to retouch the knives. This unit is of a high quality at a very affordable price compared to other brands of ceramic steels on the market (FDICK $100 plus) I fully recommend this product to anyone looking this this type of unit, apart from the high Rockwell hardness knives mentioned this unit will sail through the process with any knife of a lesser hardness.
Rob W on May 25, 2020