The Top 6 KC Tools Products to Have in Your Toolbox

Date Posted: 7 July 2020 

KC Tools gives plenty of options for those looking for specialised tools that they can add to their toolboxes. We outline the top 6 must-haves in this popular range.

Top KC Tools to Have in Your Garage

KC Toolbox

Anyone who owns a car probably has tried at least once to fix a car problem. If you have, you know that the tools you use truly have an impact on the outcome of the issue you are trying to solve.

Doing car repairs on your own does save you a boatload of cash. Whether you are restoring your old vehicle or you have a new one, you can make your repair or maintenance tasks more manageable with the right tools.

You do not have to be an expert mechanic to search for the right equipment for car repair. It all lies in making sure you have reliable products from a trusted brand. KC Tools is a leader in providing tools with superior strength and quality. All tools are designed with precision, so both beginners and professionals can use them.

KC Tools gives plenty of options for those looking for specialised tools that they can add to their toolboxes. The following is a list of KC Tools that every serious mechanic should have:


1. Hex Allen Key

There are various types of Allen keys, including this T-handle tool, which is mostly for motorsport uses. As the name suggests, it has a T-shape, which allows the user to spin the wrench easily and quickly. This particular product, though, is unique because it has a ball-moulded head. Therefore, the tool can easily reach tight edges, unlike typical L-shaped wrenches.


2. Wobble Socket Extension

Working with cars, motorcycles, or bikes will require some wrenching tasks from time to time. There are specific jobs that you can only accomplish when you need to “wobble” some sockets. Such tasks need a wobble socket extension. Instead of failing to reach hidden spots, you can effortlessly do so with this tool. The extension comes in different sizes, including 150mm, 250mm, and 500mm.


KC Tools 6pc 1/4 Inch - 1 Inch 6-Point Flare Nut Spanner Set

3. Flare Nut Spanner

When you have a ring spanner that does not fit into certain fasteners, you can go for a flare nut spanner. This tool is simple with its two heads, resembling a ring spanner. The difference lies in the opening cuts unlike with a ring spanner that has closed heads.

KC Tools has a wide range of six-point flare nut spanners in different sizes. This way, you can pick which one you need most. If you just cannot seem to decide, the six-piece set with sizes ranging from ¼” to an inch is good to have.


4. Industrial Centre Punch

Many jobs in your garage require some drilling. When you need to, you can simply reach for your KC Tools centre punch. Use it for marking the centre of a hole for the perfect aim. If you have worked with drills a lot, you know how this machine can wander off easily unless it starts in a recess.

When you have the industrial centre punch from KC Tools, you control where the drill goes. You can find different sizes for the product, including 2mm and 10mm.


5. Wire Twisting Pliers

Sometimes, you need to twist multiple wires together while working in your garage. KC Tools has a specialised product that you can use for this simple task. Join ends of a twisted piece of wire without any hassle with wire twisting pliers. This tool has a twirling action that loops the wires tightly, assuring you that they will not unravel no matter what.

You can also use the pliers to create decorative wires or just for your automotive jobs to twist safety wires. This way, fasteners will stop vibrating, which can loosen them up over time.


6. Adjustable Wrench Shifter

Shifter toolKC Tools has a variety of adjustable wrench shifters that deserve a spot in your toolbox. They come in different sizes, including 200 to 450 millimetres. The tool has adjustable jaws that you can set at an angle that you prefer.

Usually, when you are working on your vehicle, you will have to deal with various sizes of fasteners. Instead of reaching out for all kinds of sizes of fixed spanners to see if they fit, you can just use the adjustable wrench shifter from KC Tools. The jaw is movable so you can customise the open end.


KC Tools - Quality, Reliable Tools

Once you have all the pieces of equipment you need, do not forget to have storage for them. The toolbox is just as essential as your KC Tools in your garage. It would be best if you never left your tools lying around since they can be a safety hazard for you or anyone who enters the area.

Consider the Handyman Toolbox from KC Tools. It has a lift-out tray to keep your tools well organised. It is easily transportable as well with its carry handle and lockable latch.

All items are available here at The Grit. Browse our collection of quality KC Tools to make any automotive and any DIY work easier than ever.