Work Sharp Sharpening Systems: A Must-Have for Your Workshop

Date Posted: 11 August 2020 

Work Sharp sharpening systems are an excellent addition to anyone's workshop. Learn more about these products, and the benefits they offer, here.

Quick Guide to Work Sharp Sharpening Systems

Quick Guide to Work Sharp Sharpening Systems

Many woodworkers and DIYers challenge themselves when it comes to sharpening a chisel.

They try to accomplish the task without any assistance in holding the object. The bevel tends to usually grind to a curve, making it difficult to achieve a fine sharpness of its cutting edge.

It is why Work Sharp sharpening systems are an excellent addition to anyone’s workshop.


Why Do You Need a Sharpening System?

It does not matter what knife you are using. The fact is that even the best knife that you can find will become dull over time. Constant maintenance is required to make sure these tools remain in their top condition.

Having a dull blade is not only frustrating to use but can also be extremely dangerous. Dull blades are often difficult to control, so they can easily glide off what you are cutting and end up on things that are not meant to be cut.

But, when you have a sharp knife, you do not even have to exert considerable force when cutting. It also provides you with significant control, so you do not worry about mishaps. Whether you are a beginner knife enthusiast or highly experienced, a knife sharpening system is highly recommended.


How to Choose Your Work Sharp Sharpening System

Work Sharp WSGSS Guided Knife Sharpening System

If you do not have a sharpening system yet, you have come to the right place. Work Sharp has excellent products.

Some of the things to consider include the type of knife you have, such as whether it has a straight or serrated blade. You may also want to be specific about the purpose of the knife, such as slicing tomatoes, cutting ropes, or skinning a deer.

Your experience with knife sharpening is also essential. Sharpening systems are not exactly for beginners. However, it is always easy to learn, especially when you take the time to understand the product itself.

Perhaps the most popular tool that you can find is the Work Sharp WSGSS Guided Knife Sharpening System. It is used for both sharpening and honing knives of all kinds, from pocket to hunting to kitchen knives. If you need to resharpen your serrations, woodworking tools, or fish hooks, this sharpening system is a wonderful option.

Here are some of its best features:

  • The guided knife sharpening system is easy to use, particularly for those who have tried a sharpening stone before. It works like a bench stone, but it does have extra capabilities that you will never find in ordinary sharpening stones.
  • WSGSS has a Pivot-response mode, which is an innovative feature that allows the user to swing the stone back and forth in its cradle. In doing so, the knife blade is placed with the right angle or curve for precise sharpening.
  • It has everything you need to sharpen and hone your knives. WSGSS comes with its own sharpening platform that has both coarse and fine diamond plates. It also has two angle guides: 17 and 20 degrees. They are interchangeable and will not fall off because they are held in place by strong magnets.
  • It works well with serrations, thanks to the small and medium ceramic rods.

Another option is the Knife and Tool Sharpener –Ken Onion Edition. Ken Onion is a legend in knife-making. This is an excellent sharpener for your home and shop.

Here are the highlights of the sharpener:

  • It has specific settings for different sharpening tasks.
  • The device has various useful parts, including an angle adjustment knob, belt tracking lever, and a power switch lockout.
  • It has a variable speed dial, which allows the user to adjust the grinding speed from low to high. Low and medium settings are often utilised for sharpening and honing knives, scissors, and gut hooks. Meanwhile, the high-speed setting is for other tools to sharpen, de-burr, or grind.
  • The tool has an edge guide, which is useful if your knife has a long blade. Not all knives will fit this sharpener, but the edge guide makes it possible. Simply raise it to start sharpening a long knife.

One more tool to look at is the Guided Field Sharpener (WSGFS221). As the name suggests, it is useful in the field but, of course, you can use it at home or in your shop. It is mostly designed for sportspeople who want a complete, reliable, and convenient sharpening solution. This device offers five sharpening stages, along with built-in angle guides.

A big plus of this sharpening tool is its size. It is entirely compact so that you can bring it with you on your next outdoor trip. You will never have a dull knife ever again. Using the sharpener is quite easy. Start with the coarse diamond side if you have a dull blade or if it has any damage on its edge. Then, switch to the fine diamond to further refine the edge. It will usually take five to ten passes for each side.


The Work Sharp Difference

Work Sharp sharpeners deliver accuracy and efficiency

It’s time to clear up a misconception. While it is true that you can sharpen by hand, you need the most effective and the right sharpening stone possible for your knife.

Notches in chisels, for instance, can be evened out by hand, although others prefer to use machines.

But the reality is that sharpening a knife has a different requirement. It only takes place when notches are removed. This way, two surfaces, namely the knife and another object, meet within the best possible line of contact.

Work Sharp sharpeners deliver accuracy and efficiency. There are a few sharpening systems from the brand, but whichever you choose, you can be sure that it will work well.

Humans have the natural inability to grind metal imprecisely, particularly on both sides of the knife. You can only get the best results when you can make the edge meet at the apex of the blade perfectly. It is the magic of the guided sharpening system.

There is undoubtedly a learning curve, however. It happens, especially for new users who have not tried sharpening stones and other tools in the past. But as you get accustomed to using the Work Sharp device, you will find that you are only replicating angles that you consistently choose when sharpening. Continue using the system and you will surely never go for any other sharpener again.