Fence Testers

Before you buy a fence tester, you should know what you would like to achieve with it first. Some testers, such as the Electric Fence Remote Control from Thunderbird, allow you to work with remote-ready energisers. You can easily control them, such as turning them off while you make repairs.

Another type is a fault locator fence tester. As the name suggests, this device quickly looks for problems, so you do not have to do it on your own. Digital voltmeters are an excellent tool for farmers. They display the voltage of the fence on the digital screen of these devices.

A common mistake that beginner farmers make is that they use a household voltmeter instead of one made for fences, such as the Thunderbird Digital Fence Tester Voltmeter. The difference between these devices is that the voltmeters for walls are designed to handle high voltage and pulse, unlike those made for homes.

Fence testers are not exactly the cheapest tools that you can find for your farm. Only The Grit delivers a quality product at the best price. Shop below for the most trusted fence testers in Australia.