Boker Plus

Boker Plus is a series of high-quality knives produced by none other than Boker Knives. The company has a history that can be traced back to the tool factory located in Remscheid, Germany. Boker Knives started its operations way back in the 17th century. For almost 200 years, it has retained its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and focus on creating the best knives for professionals and neophytes.

Boker Plus is a collection of knives that carry one of the most respected names in the knife industry. The series is designed with experts in mind. Many security personnel, military and police officers, and other pros helped to achieve the goal of developing suitable products.

Manufacturing the knives involves high-tech procedures to offer both function and convenience. It is why the blades can work for everyday use as well. The production takes place in different parts of the world, namely Asia, USA, and Europe.

Boker Plus knives have always been on the bestsellers list, including the Accomplice Fixed Blade Knife and the Beta Fixed Blade Knife. You can find more knife selections from Boker Plus here at The Grit.