Antonini is a brand under A.E. Coltellerie, an Italian company that specialises in high-quality knives. For more than 90 years, Antonini has been around, manufacturing knives and blades by hand.

Handcrafted from beginning to end, Antonini knives are a classic. They have a good reputation that makes them stand out from the crowd. Since 1925, Antonini has been a name synonymous with excellence.

The brand takes pride in quality artistry, which is why the knives produced are durable and long-lasting. Antonini offers a lifetime warranty that covers the materials and craftsmanship.

Antonini has six different types of knives, with 50 original lines that continue to grow over the years. There are more than 500 models around, and around 300,000 blades are constructed annually.

Many groups trust this Italian brand, including Red Cross and Civil Defence, particularly the Antonini SOS models.

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