Benchmade is an established company from the US. It is headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon. Benchmade Knife Company has been around since 1979, offering outdoor sporting cutlery to numerous markets. The company also makes rescue and law enforcement knives, as well as products for the military and martial arts.

Benchmade’s history started in another US state, California where it was named Bali-Song. It then renamed to the Pacific Cutlery Corporation in 1988. Two years later, it moved to Clackamas in Oregon and finally settling in Oregon City in 1996.

The company’s knives are known all over the world because of the unique butterfly or balisong styles. Today, the line of products has grown massively, offering blade steel knives and high-speed M2 tool steels for its production knives.

The knives are perfect for military and law enforcement officers but Benchmade also has items for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Other knives are for miscellaneous and utility use.

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