Bushman was founded in 1990 by Tom Bethurem, an industrial chemist. At that time, only the Tropical North in Australia could get hold of the product. After all, it was mainly the only place in the country where mosquitos run rampant. However, the small company began to grow and is now one of the most trusted, particularly in insect repellents.

Bushman insect repellents are designed to be effective and longer-lasting. At the same time, they can be comfortably worn even during warm nights. The products are also water and sweat resistant. Two primary categories divide the repellent products from Bushman: the Ultra range and the Plus range. You can also find an anti-itch gel that has the Bushman logo. Sunscreens from the company are also becoming greatly popular, which is why it has expanded its availability on many items.

Bushman Plus Aerosol Repellents are among the brand’s top-selling products. These repellents promise to offer up to 12 hours of protection. They also come with inbuilt sunscreen. Even when rubbed, most of the product remains on the screen, giving long-lasting protection indeed.

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