Cudeman is one of the most recognised names in knife manufacturing in the world. When it is a Cudeman knife, people already know it is of great quality. It is why you will find many of the brand’s knives here at The Grit.

The knife manufacturing company started offering its high-quality products back in 1988. Almost 40 years now, Cudeman has developed into one of the most renowned brands in Australia and other countries. Cudeman is originally a Spanish company and is now among the preferred knife manufacturers for the police, military, and other security forces.

Just like other companies, Cudeman has a certain goal. It has set its focus towards maintaining a semi-artisanal tradition made up of knives. This tradition came from Albacete, Spain, which was prolific back in the 17th century. Cudeman is indeed the name that every knife enthusiast in Australia knows.

Even better, the company has started providing innovative sheaths made of different materials, including nylon and canvas, Kydex, fire steel, and genuine leather. Additionally, Cudeman continues to research and bring new products to the table to cater to the growing needs of its customers.

After more than three decades in the industry, the company wants people to know about the tradition by showcasing the best Spanish knives. Here at The Grit, you will find Cudeman knives, including the company’s top-rated bowie knife, skinning knife, hunting knife, and mini tactical knife among many others.

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