FeedMaxx Feed Scoops

FeedMaxx was established on the concept that it should deliver quality service and products to its customers. The company is located in Killarney, Manitoba and focuses on feeding animals. There is a wide range of products that are suitable for different animals, including poultry, swine, and bison. FeedMaxx is also a reliable source of specialty animal feed.

The company works in direct collaboration with experts, such as livestock producers and nutritionists that are well-respected in their industries. FeedMaxx is committed to improving animal health and performance by providing complete nutrition for them. This way, farmers, hobbyists, and animal owners will be happy with the return on their investment.

FeedMaxx products quality feeds in different forms, including pellet, mashed, and crumbled feeds. The company also specialises in custom feeds for poultry, ducks, bison, hogs, and more. Get complete feed and supplements, along with premixed and base mixes of feeds for the animals.

The Grit sells FeedMaxx products, including feed scoops in a variety of colours and sizes. Never settle for any feed scoops that are not right for your animals. Go for one with a reinforced handle and made with durable materials from FeedMaxx.