FishMaxx is every fisherman’s friend. The company has been operating since 1993, providing high-grade products for fish enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for an aquarium or other dry goods for your livestock, FishMaxx may have what you need.

Customers love FishMaxx for its quality items that are designed to be easy to use. One of the most popular items from FishMaxx is the Fish Ruler, which is a favourite of many fishermen, fish farmers, and harvesters. Even hobbyists should not go on a fishing expedition without it. This ruler can give you accurate measurements of the fish you caught, which can have different uses. For instance, you can use the ruler to ensure that the fish meets the legal length, so you do not have to free it.

The ruler is suitable to be fitted to kayaks and boats. You can find it in 60cm length with 5mm raised graduations for easy reading. It also does not require heavy cleaning, so you can use it almost immediately after your last trip.

Whenever you need fishing tools and equipment, look for a FishMaxx product first before anything else. Head over here at The Grit to check out the available FishMaxx tools that you can use on your next fishing adventure.

FishMaxx 60cm Fish & Crab Ruler


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