GP Batteries

GP Batteries International Limited is a brand that focuses on batteries and other related products. It was established under the Gold Peak Group, which is a company in Hong Kong. In just a few years, GP Batteries has grown exponentially, as it became one of the top suppliers of batteries all over the world.

GP Batteries not only provides primary batteries but also rechargeable ones. It is currently one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer batteries in China. The company’s extensive range of battery products is trusted worldwide, making them the primary choice of original equipment manufacturers. The batteries are also preferred in consumer retail markets.

Today, GP Batteries has production facilities in Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as China. It supplies batteries to different offices and companies all over Asia, North America, and Europe. For those in Australia that want to get a hold of GP Batteries and its different products, The Grit is the best source to turn to.

Aside from batteries that GP Batteries is known for, The Grit also supplies GP Safeguard 260 Lumen Dual Light Security Sensor among other products.