Crescent Lufkin

Tradesmen who need to rely on tape measures demand the best and most accurate products on the market. As you look for the right measuring tool, you will find that Crescent Lufkin is the one that stands out.

Crescent Lufkin is developed by none other than the Apex Tool Group, which is a prominent tool manufacturer. Lufkin is a brand whose products underwent quantitative and qualitative research. This way, they fit whatever standards the customers may have.

Measuring tools are among the most used on a job site. It is why Crescent Lufkin is designed to be durable so that the products can withstand drops even those from high places. The tools are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Crescent Lufkin recently introduced Shockforce and Nite Eye. These two products are poised to set a new standard in measuring tools. The Grit offers the Lufkin LBBL120 1200mm Big Boss Spirit Level, which comes with a bonus carry bag.

This tool is great not only for measuring but for setting runoffs as well. It has a double milled surface that improves the accuracy of the measurements. Shop at The Grit for the top Crescent Lufkin products today.