Moki International is designed for enthusiasts of music and video. The interconnected industries have consistently seen Moki products for more than 20 years now. It was in 2006 when the founders launched the company. Moki International was born because of their love of music and everything related to audio.

Consumer electronics was not an easy world to venture in, especially for beginner companies. However, with dedication and continuous supply of high-quality products, Moki was able to secure a spot in the industry.

Today, Moki is the leading name in kids’ earphones and headphones, which you can find here in The Grit. For adults, noise isolation earbuds are the way to go for listening to music and calling purposes.

We also have rapid multi-charger packs, complete with eight USB types. Recharge your devices on the go without worrying about their safety. Or, if you prefer wireless charging, we also have the Moki ChargePad 5W wireless charger.