When you need jugs or cylinders for tasks that require special measurements, turn to none other than PourMaxx. This brand produces high-quality products for your farming, cooking, and other jobs.

All PourMaxx jugs and cylinders are created with proper control in mind. For instance, pitchers have excellent pouring control, thanks to the sturdy handle. The measuring graduations are raised for easy reading. These PourMaxx jugs are designed to prevent spillage as well. They can also be used with certain substances since they are made with polypropylene, which is chemical-resistant.

As for cylinders, PourMaxx has designed them with care to make sure the measurements performed are accurate. The material used is also polypropylene, so the cylinders can also measure numerous types of chemicals. Plus, they are UV-stabilised, which gives them a longer life than ordinary materials. You can find different sizes of PourMaxx cylinders with printed graduations.

PourMaxx is Australian-made and carefully considers all the design elements for efficient measuring. The Grit recognises these qualities, which is why we have several PourMaxx products for sale.