Safecorp Personal Protective Equipment

Shopping for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a serious task. It is good to know that you have a brand you can count on for all your PPE needs. Safecorp is the market leader in providing top quality safety gear for employees and businesses.

Safecorp is a part of the Supercraft company, which also includes Trade Tough Tools and Eagle. Supercraft has been around since 1936, providing a wide range of tools for consumers.

The brand has an important mission, which is to ensure everyone in any company is protected against hazards. Whether you are performing work at home, office, or anywhere, you should always wear protective gear.

Safecorp makes sure all the products meet Australian Standards, including AS/NZS and CE certifications, which are necessary for commercial use.

The Grit is your one-stop-shop for Safecorp products, such as disposable respirators with valves included. For those who perform tough woodworking projects, dust masks, axe safety glasses, and face shields are available as well. For ear protection, we also have Safecorp earplugs in soft foam and ear band banded varieties.