Simple Strap

Simple Strap began in a few boutiques in Hawaii and has since expanded to over 1000 locations around the world. Every day, customers from weekend warriors to contractors, do-it-yourselfers, farmers, campers, and yoga moms discover new ways that Simple Strap makes their life easier.

The Simple Strap is a versatile rubber tie-down. The Simple Strap is self-gripping, which means it can be used without any mechanical help. The strap is approximately 6m and may be shortened to any length. You can stretch it to roughly 30m when stretched, which means you can perform a lot of work with just one strap. It's worth noting that the more you wrap, the stronger and more it will hold. It's no-mar because it's rubber, so you may secure gutters, white trim, and other items without fear of damaging the wood or metal gutters.

So, how is it so straightforward? There are no moving parts, no knots to tie, and no hooks to hook. All you have to do now is make sure the first and second wraps are in contact, and the load will stay together while the rest of the load is wrapped. Simply tuck the end through the last wrap after wrapping the weight. Yes, it is that simple.

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