When there is an innovation in lithium-ion battery technology, you can count on Ultracharge to provide the latest for you. The company is one of the most trusted names in Australia and other parts of the world when it comes to batteries.

The company has grown in just a few short years. It only employs knowledgeable people in the field. This way, it will be much easier to accommodate customers who may have issues with the item they have bought. Ultracharge would often provide 12 months of warranty for their products, but some can go longer than a whole year.

Kobi Ben-Shabat founded the company and now serves as the managing director and CEO of Ultracharge. Although the main products of the company are sustainable batteries, they also provide RCD devices in 10A, 10A extension lead, and retractable power cord leads. You will find these items and more on our website here at The Grit.

Ultracharge aims to come up with products that are not only functional and useful but also stylish. Take for example the Ultracharge 10A Residual Current Device (RCD) Safety Power Board Block, which you can buy here at The Grit. This product has a well-designed construction that can resist impacts and blows. It features an RCD switch with two USB sockets, along with five 10A sockets. This piece of equipment is a must for home and office use, whether you have a workshop, garage, or work van.

Ultracharge also offers other products, including extension leads, which you will find here at The Grit. We have caravan extensions from Ultracharge, as well as safety power board blocks. Ultracharge is the brand to look for when you need cables and adapters for laptops and computers. The company designs world-class products, from extension cords that are based on the stringent Australian standard.