WE Knife

WE Knife started operating in 2000. The main goal of the business was to offer OEM manufacturing services to other companies in the cutlery industry. Later on, WE Knife grew and continued developing. The company gained an excellent reputation and was later on recognised as one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers of tools, including knives.

WE Knife's strong position in the industry was due to its ability to deliver quality knives and other tools for an affordable price. The company leveraged its experience and skills in the OEM world. It was not surprising that the manufacturer introduced its own brand and products. The official announcement was performed in 2016. We Knife tools received a warm welcome from the public, especially knife enthusiasts, DIYers, and even safety personnel. The company continued its growth by providing a steady stream of different knife designs.

According to WE Knife, all products that bear their brand are made with first-rate materials. At times, the brand collaborates with other designers and other well-known businesses. But whether it is a result of such partnership or due to the work of the in-house R&D team, WE Knife always has incredible products. The knives utilise the latest technologies and have been processed using modern methods.

Before any tool is out for purchase, everything goes through thorough quality control. It ensures all products are of excellent quality, effectively representing what the company stands for. The philosophy is to focus on product quality, above all else. In doing so, all tools will come with traits like long life and great design.