Poultry Netting

If you require poultry netting, you have come to the right place. The Grit is the most trusted direct supplier for all your poultry netting needs. We know you want the best for your flock and you will surely get top-notch quality here in our online store. You cannot settle for cheaper versions.

It is always recommended that you have the right defence for your flock. Keep your chickens safe from harm so they stay at the right place. Compared to plain poultry wire, you can easily combat different types of predators with more sophisticated netting. This way, your chickens will never have to face hunters that can chew or jump over the fence.

There are numerous predators that you have to worry about when you have a chicken farm. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Others can even have special abilities, such as weasels, badgers, and foxes, which are all good diggers.

Chicken breeders in Australia are concerned with many types of predators, including hawks, feral cats, and even dogs. However, foxes are the biggest challenge because they are quite effective in killing and hunting down chickens. Unless you dig down in the area, you can easily have a weak point in the perimeter.

Foxes and coyotes can run and go up even if you have a five-foot fence. If you often encounter these predators, you may have to go for a six-foot fence at the minimum. Aerial attacks can also happen with hawks in Australia. Here at The Grit, you can have a variety of options, from energisers to electric chicken fences. Keep your flock safe today.