Clothes Pegs

A clothes peg or a clothespin is a type of fastener that you use for – as the name suggests – your clothes. After washing your clothes, you typically hang them to dry on a clothesline. But due to the wind or any other reason, the clean clothes you just washed can fly and fall off the line. And that's why you need clothes pegs to keep them in place.

Clothes pegs are typically made of either wood or plastic. Many people choose plastic. Wooden pegs are considered to be more durable, and they last longer because they do not break easily. However, they can stain your clothes. Wooden pegs tend to go black if they are wet and used on clothes. That can be a huge problem, primarily if you use them on white items.

Plastic pegs are better. They are readily available and do not stain, which is an important deciding factor for many people. To avoid brittleness, which can happen over time, choose quality clothes pegs. You can find what you are looking for here on The Grit.

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