Boning Knives

Fish, poultry, and other types of meat come with bones that you often do not want. That's when a boning knife becomes beneficial. Some meat cuts ensure that bone is intact. But if you prefer to have bone removed, you need a reliable boning knife. With a good boning knife, you can easily make food like stews and fillets more edible and safer to eat.

Technically, you can always remove bones with just your regular kitchen knife. However, the difference is that a boning knife is much safer. Standard blades also waste so much meat, simply because they are not manufactured for this purpose. They are also much thicker and will not provide you with the same flexibility you will surely enjoy with a boning knife.

When searching for a new boning knife, you want one that offers a good quality blade. It should have an appropriate length, as well. Boning knives do not have to be expensive, which is why you can find excellent quality knives here at The Grit without breaking your bank.

AgBoss Curved Boning Knife 150 mm / 6"


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AgBoss Straight Boning Knife (150mm / 6")


$22.25 SAVE$0.00