Carving Knives & Forks

Carving knives are used for cutting large pieces of meat. Designs vary, but the knives typically measure 20 to 21 cm. On the other hand, carving forks are two-pronged utensils that you use with a carving knife or slicer. Here at The Grit, we offer carving knives up to 23 cm, so you have more choices than the traditional.

Choose a carving knife with a curved blade so that you can quickly and effortlessly follow the contours of the meat without worrying about the bone. The design of the edge should prevent drag or food from sticking to the knife.

We only offer the best carving knife and fork set here on The Grit. All products are sturdy, allowing you to cut meat, poultry, and food items. Using the fork, you keep the meat steady and securely in place. The fork is strong enough to transfer the meat you have just carved to the serving plate.