Garden Hoses

You have come to the right place if your'e looking to buy garden hose. You may have found many other options making it confusing for you. They have little to no visible difference, so it is tempting to buy the cheapest one available. However, even the smallest difference can have a huge impact on the efficiency and use of the hose.

Our garden hoses are from AgBoss, come with a massive 20-year warranty. The durability of the products makes them the top choice for anyone looking for quality gear.

AgBoss hoses will not dissapoint with a strong burst pressure, UV-stabilised walls, and toxin-free materials.

When you buy a hose from The Grit, you do not get just a tube of plastic. You will get a product that was built to last with certain qualities, like resistance to abrasion for the outer layers that will give you years of trouble free use.

Check out our range today.