Hose Connectors & Fittings

To make your use of the garden or industrial hose better, you can make it more efficient with a hose fitting or gun. Hose fittings, also known as hose couplings, are an adapter that you can attach at the end of the hose.

As a homeowner, it may seem complicated to select the right fixture for your hose because of individual specifications.

The good news is that the fittings are all of the same sizes. However, you still need to know the internal dimensions of the hose or the pipe in which you will connect it to. This way, you can be sure that it will be a perfect fit. Nevertheless, there are standard sizes that are suitable for most hoses, including a garden hose.

If you do not recognise what size your hose is, you can use a ruler to know the measurement. Another option is to use vernier callipers, which work just as efficiently as rulers.

Here at The Grit, you have plenty of choices when it comes to fittings and attachments. Choose an adjustable gun, which can be used for watering, cleaning, and irrigation. You may also be interested in brass hose connectors. For more options, check out our selection below.