Air Pumps

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep soundly while you're outdoors? But if you are thinking about taking your sleeping pad with you, it makes sense to bring an air pump, as well. You never know when you will need to pump air to your portable air mattress while you are out in the wilderness.

When looking for an air pump, you want one that is simple yet effective. It should take just a few pumps to inflate your sleeping pad fully. Even better if it does not require manual work on your part.

Here at The Grit, we sell essential tools and accessories for all outdoor enthusiasts out there. Sleeping outdoors does not have to be uncomfortable when you have an air mattress and an air pump that's ready to use. We consider the various needs of active campers like you. It is why we have chosen a product that you can easily take with you during your outdoor trips, thanks to its portability and collapsibility. Check out our available air pump today.

WildTrak 5L Foot Pump with Fittings


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