Bolt Cutters

A bolt cutter is an invaluable tool when you need to cut through padlocks, cables, and of course, bolts. This tool is recognisable for its hardwearing and powerful jaws. But did you know that a bolt cutter is not just for cutting bolts (as the name suggests)? This tool actually has a lot more to offer and therefore comes in handy for a wide variety of applications. You can take it from your professional worksite back to your workshop at home.

Bolt cutters are a cutting tool that you may find to be similar to a pair of pliers. However, they are bigger than pliers with a long handle, which you use to apply leverage for cutting through solid metal.

When looking for a new bolt cutter, you should pick one based on the quality of the jaw and steel and determine the cutting force, as well. It is also a good idea to choose the length of the handle based on what you are most comfortable with and the task you need to undertake.

AgBoss 450mm Steel Bolt Cutters


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Famous Toledo 200mm Pocket Cutters


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KC Tools 8" Bolt Cutter

KC Tools

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KC Tools 900mm Bolt Cutter

KC Tools

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