Have you noticed that the blades of your knives are different from one another? It's true. Knife blades come in different sizes and shapes. That's not just coincidence or out of the whim of imaginative bladesmiths. Blades are shaped and sized differently for specific reasons.

For example, you have a drop-point blade, which is a familiar shape characterised by the convex spine curving from the handle to the point of the knife. This blade is ideal for hunters but also for general tasks. Another is the clip-point blade, which is also common. It is easily recognisable for its clipped front section. Again, this blade is excellent for precision tasks.

Meanwhile, a regular or straight back blade has a straight spine with a curved up edge. The long spine makes this blade an excellent choice for chopping and slicing.

If your blades are no longer as sharp as they used to, don't throw them away. You have the option to purchase new replacement blades for your precious knife. There are several types of knives available, and you may require a different one depending on the task to undertake. Here at The Grit, we have trimming blades that you can use as a replacement for your old knives. Be sure to look at the suitable models that the blades are compatible with before you buy.