Flare Nut Spanners

A flare nut spanner is what you may know as a brake spanner. Others call it a crow’s foot spanner (or wrench). It is a straightforward one-piece tool with two heads. If you know what a ring spanner is, you can compare this tool to it. Both have similar looks except that the flare nut has an opening cut on each head.

Usually, the cut or the opening of the heads is angled 15 degrees to the shaft. This position allows the user to maximise how the spanner turns. Using a flare nut spanner lets you fit fasteners, such as bolts, in place that are difficult to reach. They are a smaller alternative to ring spanners. Therefore, if your ring spanner cannot access small spaces, you can switch to a smaller and easier to turn flare nut spanner.

Here at The Grit, we have different sizes of flare nut spanners ranging from 5/8 x 11/16” to 7/8 x 1” t ¾ x 7/8” and more. Take a look at the collection below.