Slogging Spanners

A slogging spanner is also known as a flogging spanner. Other names include a hammer wrench, slammer wrench, or a striking face box wrench. No matter what you call it, this type of spanner is special. It is thick and stocky. It is often short and comes with a block end, which you can find at its handle.

This spanner is designed to work with a hammer. Therefore, it can handle a lot of force. Its main job is to hold a large fastener in place, such as a nut and stud. This way, you can apply the needed force when you bring the hammer down without the bolt moving or flying across the room.

A slogging spanner works with fasteners that come with index marks. You will need to screw the nut tightly, or you can just use your hand. Then, you can take the slogging spanner to tighten the nut further.

This tool comes with a predetermined index mark number, which is calculated from the bolt or stud’s elasticity. It allows the user to know the precise torque of the spanner.