Bench Grinders

When you need to grind something down to shape, the best tool for the job is a bench grinder. There are a few options available, from stone grinders to dual wheeled to power grinders. The first thing that you may want to look for is the levels of finish that you wish to achieve.

For example, you may be looking for a bench grinder that fettles or trims, which allows you to use the tool to remove metal burr after working with large machine tools. Another option you may find is deburring, which is almost the same as the first one mentioned. However, it offers a more refined finish after you use a saw or a filer.

Selecting a big grinder will let you finish the job faster. However, it may not provide you with the shaping requirement that you aim for. Suppose you want a more delicate grinding operation. In that case, it can be challenging to achieve with a huge machine, especially one that is intended for fettling.

You can look for a dual wheel or a mixed grinder. The former has two grinding wheels that are fixed on the same axis. They spin at the same speed. Meanwhile, a mixed grinder has two separate systems, which give you more flexibility since it adapts to your needs. You can use a mixed grinder to shape, grind, deburr, brush, or perform other combinations.