Barricade Tape

Also known as construction or barrier tape, barricade tape is used to enhance safety in the workplace. It works as a warning to communicate to employees and even visitors that there is a potential danger in a particular area.

Barricade tapes are non-adhesive and come in bright colours, so they can quickly catch attention. Any worksite aims to keep everyone safe, and this type of tape is one sure way to manage hazards. Using such a tape can help reduce serious injury risks, especially for the workers who may happen to pass by the area.

In some tapes, there are already printed words, such as caution or danger. The tape that you can use will depend on the situation. However, if you simply want a more flexible option, you can purchase a blank tape which you can label on your own. It works well for those who may have varying requirements for workplace safety.

Also, these non-labelled tapes can be used as-is, meaning they do not need tags or markers. Instead, it is understood in the workplace that the area is unsafe or with a potential hazard.

If you need barricade tapes, you have come to the right place.