Talon 150g Pellets Mouse & Rat Bait Trays

One Feed Kills Rats & Mice


Talon 150g Pellets Mouse & Rat Bait Trays

One Feed Kills Rats & Mice




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Talon Mouse and Rat Killer is one of the most trusted baits around. It is effective and can stop any rodent activity that pesters your home. If you have been hearing squeaking and scurrying noises, especially around the dark areas of your house, it is time to arm yourself with these pellet trays.

This product is easy to use. It does not need any special preparation since you can just place it where the mice and rats may be. Using it as bait will allow you to control rodent species, especially those that are resistant to certain chemicals, including bromadiolone and warfarin. Instead, Talon rat and mouse killer contains brodifacoum, which is its main active ingredient. It is more efficient and kills the nuisances quickly.

Unlike other products, Talon has Bitrex, which is a component that discourages people from tasting it. It helps ensure that your children will not accidentally consume the bait. For rodents, however, these pellets are highly palatable. They will not know they are ingesting poison, urging them to continue until they get eliminated. The most effective way to use this product is to place it in an area where they usually get their food sources.

Talon gives you 150 grams of the pellet trays. Just one feed can eliminate a lot of rodents in your place, including bigger rats.

Talon Pellet Trays can be used where there are signs of rodent activity, like along dark walls, rafters and In dark sheltered areas. Mice require several feeding locations not more than 3m apart. Rats require large quantities of bait placed in 1 or 2 locations, not more than 9m apart.

For effective control continue to bait until feeding ceases. Most rodent deaths occur 4 to 7 days after consumption of bait, but deaths may occur for up to 2 weeks.


  • 6 trays per box
  • One feed is sufficient to kill rats and mice
  • Controls species which are resistant to warfarin and bromadiolone
  • Contains human taste deterrent Bitrix which prevents accidental consumption by children
  • Handy Tips
  • Try not to touch the bait, as it deters rats and mice from consuming it
  • The product is authorised for use in and around buildings (within 2m) only
  • Do not place pellets in the open
  • Do not place pellets in locations accessible to children and pets
  • Use for controlling wildlife or rodent-like animals requires permission from wildlife authorities

Model # TP150
UPC 9322642002909
Brand Talon
Shipping Weight 0.2800kg
Type Bait
Form Pellets
Pest Type Mouse, Rat
Amount of Pellet Trays 6
Active Constituent Brodifacoum

REVIEWS 55 Stars out of 1 Reviews.

Goodbye Rats

Best on the market for getting rid of rats!! I have tried all the others, but the pesky rodents eat the pellets and come back for more the next night. Not with Talon Pellets...One feed really does work!!
Mary on February 05, 2021