Inspection Mirrors & Pick-Up Tools

Inspection and pick up tools are a type of specialty hand tools. They come in many varieties. An example is a pick-up tool with telescopic powers. You can extend this tool using its telescopic sections. It also comes with a magnet end, which allows you to pick up the material you are inspecting. Often, you can find this tool with a cushioned rubber handle. Others that do not have this type of handle still make it easy for you to grasp the device.

Another type is a bendable pick-up tool, which, as the name suggests, has a curved profile. This shape allows you to pick materials in different positions. It is flexible, so you can quickly pick objects even in an oddly shaped area. Some tools have a completely bendable end, while others only have partially flexible heads.

You can also find a clawed pick-up tool that has a clawed end. The handle has a spring mechanism, which lets it open and close the claw. It is particularly used for materials that are not magnetic. However, some products come with a magnetic centre.

Whichever type of inspection and pick-up tool you need, you can count on The Grit to have it ready for you.