Ratchets & Tie-Downs

Many people do not realise it, but ratchet straps are quite a versatile tool to have in your stash. Often, they are used for trailers, vans, and trucks where bulky and heavy cargo is carried. Therefore, you should ensure you buy high-quality ratchet straps for them to serve their purpose.

Typically, the straps or the fabric is made from polyester. Others use polypropylene, such as the AgBoss Fasty ratchet strap. It is UV-resistant and with high strength and durability. The material has little stretch though, but it helps keep the loads properly secure.

Aside from using the tool as logistic straps, you can also use it for towing, particularly industrial-grade ratchet straps. If ever one of your vehicles gets into a muddy situation, you can use the tool as well to pull it out of the way. Look for a strap that uses nylon as the webbing material to ensure it will not damage your vehicle.

Ratchet straps are perfect for many DIY projects, such as woodworking and even home improvement. Whether you need to lock bikes on hitches, lift slings, or transport goods, you can turn to ratchet straps to secure the items properly.