Solar Energisers

An electric fence is certainly the most effective way to deter predators and your livestock from approaching the wires. The fence sends a pulse of energy when something comes in contact with the ground rods. It results in shock that will keep the animal or even a human away from the fence.

The pulse is not too strong and will only occur for about 3/10,000 of a second. This way, the person or animal still has time to move away from it. The shock will also register in the brain, causing the entity to never challenge the fence again.

An electric fence is an extension of the energiser of the fence’s positive and negative terminals. You need the right energiser to power up the electric fence. For instance, if the soil where your farm operates is dry or rocky, it has increased resistance. Therefore, it will send a weaker pulse that is less effective in deterring the livestock and predators. You will, therefore, need a better or higher output energiser.

No matter what it is that you need, you will find what you need here at The Grit. We have many products to choose from, including energisers for solar, mains, and battery electric fences. We offer the best prices for energisers and other electric fence accessories you may need.

A common mistake that many farmers in Australia make is that they do not electrify or energise their fences. The wired gates are instead treated as a physical barrier instead of a pain barrier. Energise your fences with our help so they require less maintenance and last longer as well.